Welcome to my web portfolio,
My name is Joshua and I am a self taught 3D artist from New Zealand.

For all your 3D modeling and animation needs. Whether you need a model to 3D print, a promotional video for marketing, an instructional video for your product, modeling a concept for a product to manufacture, or even a game-ready asset.

I started using blender as a hobby about 3 years ago, making basic models for fun. In this time I have taught myself not only how to model, but UV wrap, Rig, texture and animate.

My work has led to me getting offered a comfy office job making instructional and promotional animations for one of NZ's biggest electrical distrubutors.

Growing up I had a interest in producing music, this is where I learned how to make the background music and sound effects used in my animations.
I am also very interested in game development, I started using scratch when I was in university, then I later switched to GODOT. Now I am teaching myself Unreal Engine.

I use a variety of different software to plan, model, texture, animate and sound design my work;